Sunday, December 12, 2010


You guys remember that scarf I knitted for my sculpture project?

Probably not.

This one.

I posted pictures of the scarf as it was blocking and pictures of the finished sculpture on Ravelry.

Logged in tonight to find this comment from the lady who designed the pattern:

Ew…how fun to be a part of a sculpture! Pretty yarn!

My first reaction was "Okay.  Ow."

Then the logical, not-so-nice part of my brain kicked in.

She's American, so there's no language barrier.  Maybe by "ew" she meant "ooh"?

But she seems savvy enough (from what I saw in her blog) to know the difference.

No, mine isn't knit up as nicely as hers, but I was toting it around in my purse for three months and I'm still in my first year of knitting.

Maybe she doesn't realize that out of the hundreds of patterns for lace scarves I could have used for my sculpture, I picked hers.

I picked her design to present my love of knitting to the world.

Am I wrong in being slightly insulted?  Possibly more than slightly?

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