Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This is the Pile of Current Projects

In the pile:
  • Kelsey’s wristwarmers
  • That bib that’s part of a pair I’ve been working on since… June?
  • Shawl for Mom (more extensive writeup with link to pattern upcoming)
  • Rainbow wristwarmers for Banana
  • Yarn for handwarmers for Leah
  • Mary’s armwarmers
  • The “sculpture scarf” and a plaster cat for said sculpture
  • Rose’s wristwarmers for Starra(another project requiring a writeup that I will hopefully get to today)
Thank goodness I BOUGHT Dad’s present.  At this rate my fingers will fall off before I finish this stuff.

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  1. I've got several projects as well, but they're in a cardboard box in the downstairs bedroom's closet. I had them in my room, but my grandmother went in while I was at the movies one day and put everything in boxes. I eventually had to take it downstairs before she 'pitched it'. Anyway, I'm mainly focusing on a birthday present for my sister, but I'm kinda working on something for me BTS while I figure hers out.